Industry Codes of Practice Guidelines

This consultation closed on 2 July 2021. The NHVR would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback.

review of guidelines for codes of practice

Review of the Guidelines for Preparing and Registering Industry Codes of Practice (PDF, 405KB)

Recognising the importance of codes of practice, the NHVR is reviewing its guidelines, and seeking views on ways to improve the current process for developing and registering them.


The NHVR is seeking public feedback about its codes of practice program and suggestions for improvements to its Guidelines for Preparing and Registering Industry Codes of Practice (PDF, 497KB) (the Guidelines). This Discussion Paper highlights existing issues and canvasses potential solutions.


Industry codes of practice are developed for industry by industry groups, based on their actual experience of the hazards present in the heavy vehicle transport industry and the ways they’ve found to manage them.

Registered codes of practice can provide valuable guidance to people in the heavy vehicle industry to help them manage the safety of their transport activities. They can also provide a benchmark for accepted standards and ways of operating that enable business partners to be on the same page.

Codes of practice can also be used by courts to determine whether a party has done everything reasonably practicable to manage safety.

For all these reasons, the required standard for a code of practice is high.

What’s NHVR’s role?

The NHVR has a statutory power to assess and register an industry code of practice – but it cannot create one. Only an industry group can do that. However, the NHVR does have the power to publish guidelines for codes of practice. These guidelines are used to maintain the standard and consistency of registered codes.

The NHVR published its current Guidelines in January 2017. So far only one code of practice – the Master Code – has been assessed against them and registered. Another seven codes of practice are in various stages of development and assessment. 

What’s the Discussion Paper about?

The NHVR would like to make changes to its program, to facilitate the development and registration of codes of practice.

This Discussion Paper has been based on independent research, and developed in consultation with NHVR staff and developers of codes of practice. It reviews the Guidelines and the NVHR’s codes of practice program overall, and discusses possible improvements to both.

It’s designed to provide context and information about the codes of practice program, and to generate debate and discussion.

Why we’re consulting

Feedback will help the NHVR shape its strategy for codes of practice going forward and will inform the revision of the Guidelines.

Feedback is sought from anyone with an interest in codes of practice, whether it be developing a new document, using a code for training purposes, or simply referring to a code of practice for safety information.

Providing feedback

Submissions closed on Friday 2 July 2021.