Improved NHVAS forms now available


The NHVR has worked worked together with industry and government to improve our forms and the submission process for NHVAS applications.

The following improvements were introduced on 1 July 2013 and will make forms easier to complete and result in improved turn-around times for applications:

  • form headings and fields updated to make them more consistent
  • additional comments in forms to make it clearer what information you need to submit
  • an “operator’s declaration” section included on all relevant forms
  • third parties now able to complete applications on behalf of an operator (except for NSW)
  • digital signatures can now be used on forms (except for NSW)
  • additional forms added to help complete certain tasks
  • a new fact sheet added outlining the inspection requirements to enter the Maintenance scheme for each jurisdiction.
  • created a step-by-step guide to submitting an NHVAS application. You choose the application type you want to undertake and the website will provide you a link to download all the necessary forms for completion.

Apply online to get on the road sooner

  • Submit your forms online through our website to ensure your application is tracked as soon as you submit it and to eliminate manual data entry of your information at our end.
  • Forms that are submitted online can be processed and turned around more quickly than applications received by email, fax or post.
  • If you like to print out your forms and fill them in, remember you scan them back into your computer and still submit online.

More improvements on the way

Through our NHVAS Business Improvement Program, we will continue to consult with industry to ensure our application process meets industry needs.