NHVR partners with state agencies to accelerate access permit processing


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is responding quickly to challenges and concerns from the heavy haulage industry regarding new national laws that govern access to Australia’s road network – a key component of which is the requirement of local government consent for any travel on the local road network before the NHVR can issue a permit.

Chief Executive, Richard Hancock, said that the NHVR had listened to the concerns of the industry and had already introduced interim measures to accelerate the permit approval process.

"Last week, the NHVR allowed any operator who wanted to speed up their permit processing time to directly seek consent from the applicable local government and attach a copy of the consent to either a new or existing NHVR permit application," Mr Hancock said.

“Today, the NHVR Board resolved to continue to working closely with state government road transport departments to resolve issues with time-critical oversize and overmass vehicle permits.

“Some state government agencies have already provided key staff to assist the NHVR application processing team and we are very appreciative of their cooperation.

“These arrangements will assist the faster processing of those applications that urgently need approval in the short term,” Mr Hancock said.

The NHVR has also been providing permit application processing statistics during its first week of operation to industry associations and will continue to do so with at least weekly updates for the duration of the transition period to monitor progress.

Mr Hancock said the NHVR will continue to consult and work with industry and government agencies to do all necessary to keep this vital sector of the Australian economy moving.

Operators can also speed up processing times by:

  • applying once so that multiple applications don’t have to be tracked and cross-checked
  • applying online, using the Journey Planner
  • if faxing, separate applications for easier identification and processing
  • ensuring the correct information is included on the application

For more information about the new arrangements and other access queries, including notices, operators can call the NHVR on 1300 MHNVR (1300 696 487). Standard call charges apply. Check with your provider.