New South Wales to also provide permit processing assistance


Heavy haulage operators in three states can now temporarily apply directly to their state road transit authority for certain permit applications for travel within state borders.

In keeping with similar arrangements in Queensland and Victoria to ease processing delays, New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) will temporarily process applications for over-size and over-mass vehicles (OSOM) and special purpose vehicles (SPV).

All other applications, including all cross-border applications and even cross-border OSOM/SPV applications, operators must apply to the NHVR as they normally would.

Chief Executive, Richard Hancock, said the temporary arrangements with state governments would help ease the challenges for industry and government in these early days of adjusting to the new Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

"NHVR understands that operators need to run their business knowing they will receive permits within hours. We acknowledge there have been delays including the time that Councils are able to respond to urgent requests in, and we are working as quickly as possible to reduce the time taken to process applications," Mr Hancock said.

"The new national laws are a big change for everyone, particularly the strict requirement for local councils to give approval for heavy vehicles to travel on local roads before permits for the whole journey can be issued. For many councils and operators, this is the first time this has been required and the change is substantial. We are putting all our efforts into working closely with the States and councils to streamline the process to assist operators in meeting their timeframe requirements.

"The NHVR's priority is to ensure that permits are processed quickly."

Temporary arrangements in each state

Victoria (VicRoads)

  • From Tuesday 25 February, VicRoads will process all new OSOM or SPV access applications for travel within Victoria. Visit the VicRoads website at to obtain the appropriate application form and apply to VicRoads.

Queensland (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

  • Since 19 February 2014, the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has been processing new OSOM or SPV access applications for travel within Queensland. Visit the TMR website at to obtain the appropriate application form and apply to TMR.
  • Any access application that was submitted to TMR before 10 February will continue to be processed by TMR, who will also issue any permits.

New South Wales (Roads and Maritime Services)

  • RMS has co-delegation powers that allow the state’s road managers to process all new Class 1 and 3 OSOM and SPV access applications for travel within New South Wales. Visit to obtain the appropriate application form and apply to RMS.

Operators still only need to submit one application to the relevant state/NHVR and pay the application fee for their entire journey, no matter how far they’re travelling.

For more information, visit the NHVR website at or call the NHVR on 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487).



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