Smart trucks arrive in nation’s capital


Performance-Based Standards (PBS) smart trucks are now on the roads in the nation’s capital, as Ron Finemore Transport delivers goods and produce to local Woolworths’ stores, using 20-metre long PBS semi-trailer combinations newly approved for the Australian Capital Territory.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Chief Executive, Sal Petroccitto, said the innovative PBS vehicle combinations meant fewer trucks, less congestion and better safety outcomes all delivering less impact on the ACT community.

"Conventional prime mover semitrailers can carry 22 or 24 pallets, but these PBS combinations can carry 26 pallets, reducing the number of truck trips by an average of 10% for this freight task.

"This reduction in trips will see up to 304,000 less litres of diesel used per year and 820 less tonnes of C02 created," Mr Petroccitto said.

Australian Logistics Council Managing Director, Michael Kilgariff, welcomed the arrival of PBS vehicles in the ACT, noting PBS smart trucks were an important part of the logistics chain.

"Increased capacity through smart PBS design means greater efficiency and less effect on the surrounding environment," Mr Kilgariff said.

Ron Finemore AO, Chairman of Ron Finemore Transport said the new PBS vehicles were a win for everyone in terms of improving safety and efficiency.

"Not only can we carry more with less, we’ve also worked through the new NHVR one-stop-shop for PBS vehicle design and access approvals, which will save everyone time and money in the longer term," said Mr Finemore.

"Before, we had to get up to 27 permits for each prime mover from NSW authorities, as well as seeking a large number of permits from ACT and Victoria.

"Now, since the new national law commenced, our whole PBS operation for this task is covered by a single permit managed and issued by the NHVR," said Mr Finemore.

Ron Finemore Transport is rolling out 27 prime movers and 43 PBS trailers on this job, with all products, produce and liquor supplied to Woolworths and Dan Murphy stores in the ACT and surrounding regions now carried by the new PBS combinations.

All vehicles are fitted with the latest in safety technology, including fully functional EBS/ABS braking systems with electronic stability control, LED lighting and side under-run protection.

The PBS trailers are fitted with wide, single tyres which have lower rolling resistance to improve fuel efficiency and wider track widths for increased roll stability. The combinations also have high-visibility reflecting outline markings on the trailers.

Mr Finemore also paid tribute to the hard work and technical expertise of the NHVR’s Access Operations team and PBS engineering staff and ACT Roads officials in getting this innovative freight task underway.

"I saw first-hand the tireless efforts of NHVR and ACT Roads staff to build trust and establish good communication, so that the local authority could make a fully informed decision on the operation and introduction of the new combinations," said Mr Finemore.

Mr Petroccitto said NHVR staff had provided technical assistance to Roads ACT, so they could assess the ACT road network and compare performance of the new PBS vehicles to combinations currently operating in the ACT.

"The PBS Scheme is about getting the right vehicles on the right roads, while offering industry the potential to achieve higher productivity and safety through better vehicle design.

"With the addition of the ACT, the PBS Scheme now has approved vehicles running through all states and territories, which means that Australia now has a truly national PBS network," Mr Petroccitto said.

For more information on the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) Scheme and the 20m semi-trailer blueprint, visit or call 1300 MYNHVR (1300 696 487).


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