NHVR cuts paperwork burden for industry


The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has cut the paperwork drivers need in the cab with the release of the Carriage and presentation of documents bulletin and the Notices that must be carried fact sheet.

NHVR Chief Executive, Sal Petroccitto said the two publications provide certainty to drivers and operators of the documents they need to carry with them.

"The cabin of a truck is not meant to be a filing cabinet," said Mr Petroccitto.

"Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, some documents don’t need to be carried at all. For the documents that still need to be carried, most can be stored and presented as an electronic copy, if that's more convenient.

"Overall and over time, we want to minimise the paperwork and administrative burden operators and drivers face in their day-to-day work. As we harmonise notices across the country, we’ll continue to cut the number of notices that need to be carried.

"This means operators can spend less time worrying about the paperwork their drivers need and more time in making sure their drivers, schedulers, loaders and others in the supply chain are doing the right thing," Mr Petroccitto said.

The Carriage and presentation of documents bulletin provides a summary of the most common transport documents and indicates if they need to be carried. It makes clear what documents can be carried as an electronic copy and defines how those electronic documents can be stored and presented.

The Notices that must be carried fact sheet is a complete list of all the gazette notices that drivers must carry. Drivers can quickly confirm whether the notice under which they are operating needs to be carried or not.

Electronic documents must be carried in full on a device with a visual display that enables an authorised officer to read and understand all elements of the document. It is not acceptable for a driver to download the document from another location at the time of an intercept.

The Carriage and presentation of documents bulletin can be found at www.nhvr.gov.au/ce-bulletins

The Notices that must be carried fact sheet can be found at www.nhvr.gov.au/notices