Pre-approval saves industry time and money


Heavy vehicle transport operators are set to reap productivity benefits with the granting of a dedicated network for AB Triple vehicles across South Australia.

NHVR Manager of Access, Roger Garcia said this new network, PBS 3A, is a major step forward for South Australia’s heavy vehicle industry and runs to the core of their business operations.

“We appreciate the efforts of the South Australian Government who worked with us to make this happen.

“It will save businesses valuable time and money through a significant reduction in permit timeframes without sacrificing safety on the road network.

“This pre-approval will provide the heavy vehicle industry with a defined network to operate effectively on while allowing for loads above General Mass Limits (GML) to be transported, moving more freight more safely,” Mr Garcia said.

The move to recognise AB Triples in South Australia is great news for industry. These combinations were previously only allowed to move on a point to point basis and were restricted to GML.

In conjunction with this, these heavy vehicle combinations will also be able to operate up to Concessional Mass Limits (CML) and Higher Mass Limits (HML) of 108 tonnes, depending on the vehicle configuration.

The network pre-approval delivers industry certainty for heavy vehicle access and provides operators with a faster turnaround period when applying for their permit. This all-in-one permit will cover the various configurations of the AB Triple, drastically reducing unnecessary paperwork.

Mr Garcia said the inclusion of tri-axle dollies in these configurations without the need of a Performance Based Standards (PBS) assessment will provide massive productivity improvements.

“This is another example of what can be achieved through government and industry working together. It will afford industry a massive efficiency boost and flexibility in their operations to meet demand.”


Contact:  Jillian Bagnall | 07 3309 8605