Safety – it’s in your hands, says National Regulator


Every individual in the Chain of Responsibility can make a difference to safety for all road users, says the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator's (NHVR) Manager for Chain of Responsibility, Michael Crellin, speaking at the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Chain of Responsibility Conference in Sydney today.

"With a national Regulator and national law in place, we have the right infrastructure to effect change.

"The next step is to get the right safety culture in place, through better education and training, so that individuals are equipped to make the difference and improve attitudes to safety wherever they work.

"Every party in the chain must take a personal interest in every load, every vehicle and every driver," said Mr Crellin.

Since his appointment in February this year, Mr Crellin and his team have been working with industry players, large and small, in all states and territories, to help them understand their obligations and transition to best practice in Chain of Responsibility operations.

"A big part of my job in speaking with industry is myth-busting and correcting misinformation, particularly around the issue of subcontractors and suppliers. Even if it’s not your driver, it's still your responsibility," said Mr Crellin.

"Next year, we'll be covering this and a wide range of other topics in the NHVR's nation-wide Chain of Responsibility information and education program.

"I urge operators and logistics companies to make investment in education and operational improvements their 2016 New Year's resolution.

"As a national Regulator, our message to industry is don't wait for something to go wrong. It shouldn't take an incident or event for anyone to become serious about safety," said Mr Crellin.


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