NHVR highlights benefits of council and industry working together


Moree Plains Shire Council embraces permit process, benefiting local economy and freight businesses.

The NHVR has developed a video capturing the council’s outstanding work, which is providing widespread benefits across the community.

NHVR CEO, Sal Petroccitto said the council’s approach to access permit requests and their commitment to engagement with the heavy vehicle sector is a great example of the productivity benefits which can be achieved for local governments and industry.

"We know many local governments are resource constrained and we hope that by showcasing the Moree Plains Shire Council’s systems and processes other councils can adopt the same approach and achieve similar business benefits.

"Tim Hansen and Simone Reinertsen from the NHVR’s Stakeholder Engagement team are available to work with local governments to help make this happen.

"We encourage local governments to take the time to review the video and consider the actions the Moree Plains Shire Council have taken.

"It is clear that what the council is doing is working and their positive impact on freight businesses is commendable," Mr Petroccitto said.

Moree Plains Shire Council Mayor, Katrina Humphries said the enhancements made within the permit area have resulted in a vastly improved turnaround time.

"We strive to provide a level of service which is unprecedented. Our processing system ensures we keep track of previous requests which minimise the need to repeatedly assess the suitability of the same trucking combinations on the same routes.

"We are committed to growing our freight sector. We would much prefer to have better and bigger trucks on our roads instead of more smaller and older trucks which are doing damage to our pavement," Mrs Humphries said.

The video is approximately five minutes long and can be accessed at www.nhvr.gov.au/local-government-resources. This is the first of a suite of videos the NHVR will be producing for local government, industry and jurisdictions.


Contact: Jillian Bagnall | 07 3309 8605