NHVR continues to reduce red tape


The NHVR will deliver additional productivity benefits through a reduction in red tape, following the Commonwealth Government's relaxation of the Australian Design Rules.

The NHVR today issued a vehicle standards exemption notice that removes the requirement for in-service semitrailers to have their rear bumper bars painted white.

NHVR's Executive Director of Productivity and Safety, Geoff Casey confirmed the NHVR exemption broadens the Commonwealth's decision to remove the requirement for new semitrailers built after 1 January 2005.

"The NHVR has taken further steps to ensure in-service semitrailers manufactured since 1 July 1988 also benefit from the change to drive productivity benefits for the sector.

"It is estimated that the total savings for in-service vehicles will double the $12.5 million savings identified by the Commonwealth," said Mr Casey.

The notice will deliver approximately $275 savings per vehicle for a complete refurbishment and $125 for maintaining semitrailers damaged during normal road use. It will remove the need for a different coloured bumper to the body of the vehicle.

ATA Chief Executive Christopher Melham said this exemption meant the white rear bumper requirement was now a thing of the past for jurisdictions under the national law.

"This is a simple exemption that will provide savings for transport businesses and operators, as well as ensuring that operators do not receive defect notices for an issue where there is no safety risk.

"I applaud the common sense approach the NHVR has taken to remove red tape from the industry and trailer manufacturers," said Mr Melham.

Information about the NHVR's vehicle standards exemption and a Vehicle Standards Guide can be found at www.nhvr.gov.au/national-notices


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