NHVR shifts into top gear for LBCA conference in Bathurst


National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Sal Petroccitto, says the Regulator is gearing up to meet with 220 expected delegates at the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association (LBCA) 2016 Conference at Bathurst this weekend, 4-5 March.

“Heading into our fourth year of operation, the NHVR is a regular fixture at the LBCA Conference, because we know the vital role that livestockers and bulk carriers play in growing regional economies across the country,” said Mr Petroccitto.

“That’s why it’s been all cylinders firing over the past 12 months to cut red tape and boost productivity for rural and regional operators, wherever possible.

“In the past 12 months alone, we’ve delivered:

  • a dedicated NHVR consultation forum for livestockers and rural transporters to get to the heart of any regulatory or operational issues
  • a tailored livestock fatigue management template responding to the unique working conditions for long haul livestock trips
  • an extension of NSW Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) exemption to ensure NSW operators can transition effectively
  • a national 160km work diary exemption for primary producers
  • improved access to local roads and feedlots through pre-approvals and notices
  • a National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual to encourage more proactive maintenance practises and boost the overall safety of Australia's heavy vehicle fleet

LBCA President, Jock Carter, said he was also confident that the NHVR would get two more templates over the finish line soon - for long runs and journey flexibility.

“We’ll be keeping the wheels in motion on these two productivity initiatives at Mt Panorama this weekend and I look forward to working with the NHVR and other rural operators in coming months to nut out the details,” said Mr Carter.