Extension to NSW brake testing transition period


The NHVR and Road and Maritime Services will extend the current brake testing transition arrangements in NSW until January 31, 2017.

NHVR Director Safety Daniel Elkins welcomed Roads and Maritime’s commitment to achieving national consistency in vehicle standards through the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual.

“Together with Roads and Maritime and industry we have listened to operator concerns with the current roller brake test procedures and agreed to undertake further work to determine the best approach for testing,” Mr Elkins said.

“Until that research is completed it is appropriate that we extend the current roller brake transition period in NSW to 31 January 2017.”

The initial transition period in NSW allowed heavy vehicles that achieve a brake test result greater than 3kN/t, but less than 4.5kN/t, to be given an official warning on first time detection.

The current transition period was due to end on 30 September 2016.

“The additional research will determine what factors adversely affect an accurate assessment of the overall braking performance of the heavy vehicle being tested.

“The NHVR encourages operators to regularly maintain their vehicles and take appropriate steps to ensure they exceed the standards in the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual.”

The NHVR will investigate whether a new set of test procedures is required. This is just one of a number of safety initiatives the NHVR is working on to minimise harm to property, heavy vehicle drivers and other road users.