Safety podcasts focus on key modifications


The NHVR has released the first suite of heavy vehicle standards audio podcasts to assist with making modifications safer.

NHVR Director Safety, Daniel Elkins said the podcasts outline minimum design, construction, installation and performance requirements for modifying heavy vehicles outside the manufacturer’s specifications.

“These podcasts cover five common modifications including recent changes to the heavy vehicle safety standards, driving lamps, semitrailer rear bumpers, couplings and backlit badges,” Mr Elkins said.

“By providing different ways to access the latest information about vehicle safety standards and modifications we are aiming to improve industry’s knowledge to promote compliance.”

The release of the podcasts follow the first meeting of the NHVR Technical Working Group to accelerate the deployment of safety technologies and systems.

Mr Elkins said the NHVR Technical Working Group will utilise the expertise of the heavy vehicle industry in understanding how best to provide information and delivery of vehicle safety information to industry.

“The group is a cooperative partnership with technical experts from across the heavy vehicle industry that will assist in the delivery of our broader safety strategy,” he said.

“We will engage with manufacturers and industry to support and encourage voluntary uptake of safety initiatives and these podcasts are one way to support the delivery of our safety message.”

The NHVR is responsible for issuing exemptions to vehicle standards and the approval of complex modifications. Guidance on undertaking modifications is available through the NHVR Code of Practice for the Approval of Heavy Vehicle Modifications.

For more information on the NHVR Code of Practice for the Approval of Heavy Vehicle Modifications visit



Podcast 1 - Changes to heavy vehicle safety standards

A summary of recent changes to heavy vehicle safety standards in the National Law and the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation dealing with aligning new and in-service safety standards.

Podcast 2 - Vehicle standards - driving lamps and light-emitting diode lightbar

Advice on requirements for attaching LED light bars to a heavy vehicle for use as driving lamps.

Podcast 3 - Vehicle standards - semi-trailer rear bumpers

Advice about changes to the requirements for rear bumper bars on semitrailers.

Podcast 4 - Vehicle modifications - fitting bodies and tow couplings

Information about the inspection of drawbar eye couplings and identifying some common issues that may lead to coupling failure.

Podcast 5 - Vehicle modifications - backlit badges and logos

Advice for vehicle owners and modifiers about the vehicle safety standard requirements for backlit badges that are fitted to heavy vehicles.


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