Preliminary Chain of Responsibility results are in


A review of business systems will boost heavy vehicle safety and productivity, according to a supply chain survey.

NHVR Compliance Executive Director Tony Kursius said the survey of 800 transport and logistics supply chain businesses showed there were still improvements to be made in implementing and managing Chain of Responsibility.

“The initial finding of the survey showed four out of five companies believed they had all or some systems in place to provide adequate CoR training for managers,” Mr Kursius said.

“We will now continue to work with these companies and those who don’t have any systems in place to improve their safety performance.

“The survey was aimed at both the heavy vehicle industry and the supply chain throughout Australia to gather information that can be delivered to support business that impact safety across the heavy vehicle industry.”

While the full report, to be delivered by our partners Macquarie University, will be due out in 2017, the initial results supported the early release of a suite of information including podcasts and factsheets.

Mr Kursius said 90 per cent of participants considered everyone in the supply chain responsible for safety in transport operations.

“In 70 per cent of businesses, refusing unsafe work is encouraged by management and staff – we would like to see this number much higher,” he said.

“Business systems and processes to improve CoR awareness and safety should be paramount – poor safety will lead to productivity losses.”

The Survey results will assist the NHVR design education packages to ensure a greater awareness of CoR safety across the heavy vehicle supply chain.

Recently the NHVR released its first series of podcasts and factsheets for the heavy vehicle supply chain as part of a national effort to boost safety for all road users.



Where do you get your information for the HVNL and CoR?

Which of the following statements best describes your view regarding who is responsible for safety in transport operations?

To what extent do you agree with the following statements about CoR?

Question Strongly agree Agree Neither Disagree Strongly disagree Total
CoR ensures people are accountable for their decisions 46% 34% 11% 7% 3% 728
CoR leads to more responsible decision-making 40% 35% 15% 8% 3% 723
CoR is too difficult to implement properly 13% 21% 21% 30% 15% 725
CoR is the primary responsibility of the transport company 12% 17% 18% 26% 27% 725