NHVR proposes modernising Heavy Vehicle modifications


NHVR is calling for feedback on the updated draft of the Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB) 6: National Code of Practice for Heavy Vehicle Modifications released today.

NHVR Director Safety Daniel Elkins said VSB6 sets the national standard for common modifications performed to heavy vehicles.

The proposed changes substantially modernise VSB6 to guide industry through common modifications performed to heavy vehicles,” Mr Elkins said.

“We want to hear more from industry on how we can make it easier for the heavy vehicle industry to modify their vehicles, this is an industry standard so their input is critical.

“As the national standard, VSB6 is used throughout Australia by individuals involved in the modification of heavy vehicles.”

Mr Elkins said it ensures modified heavy vehicles are safe and that they comply with relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs) and in-service vehicle standards regulations.

“In July 2015, we commenced a comprehensive review of VSB6. This was conducted in partnership with modification experts, state and territory transport authorities vehicle and component manufacturers and national industry associations,” he said.

“We focused on ensuring VSB6 represents the professional nature of the industry, adopts performance based requirements that are clear, reflects current vehicle design and construction, and allows for certification of a wide range of common modifications.”

Brett Wright Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia CEO said the HVIA will be holding three Manufacturer’s Council meetings in February 7-9 which will focus on VSB6.

“This is the perfect opportunity to be involved in the VSB6 review and we are delighted the NHVR will be there to provide insight and answer queries,” said Mr Wright.

While the input to date has been invaluable, the NHVR is now seeking broader feedback.

From Monday 6 February 2017 until Friday 17 March 2017, the draft VSB6 will be available for review. The public consultation draft is available at www.nhvr.gov.au/VSB6