NSW roller brake testing transition extended to early 2018


The NHVR has agreed to extend the current brake testing transition arrangements in NSW to January 31 2018 to allow further industry research.

NHVR Chief Engineer Les Bruzsa said the extension was the result of feedback given to the NHVR by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA), Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) following heavy vehicle roller brake trials held at Marulan Heavy Vehicle Testing Station in NSW last month.

“A program of 21 brake testing trials was conducted on August 14-15 and included deceleration tests and roller brake tests on up to three roller brake machines,” Mr Bruzsa said.

“The objective of the heavy vehicle roller brake trials was to identify the best method to ensure compliant brake systems will not be incorrectly defected, and to improve safety outcomes by ensuring defective brakes can be correctly identified.

“The heavy vehicle roller brake test trials have generated a large amount of test data, and the data is currently being compiled and verified. Further analysis of this data is required to develop a fair, robust and repeatable national testing procedure that delivers the desired safety improvements.”

The current transition period was to end on September 29, however all parties involved in this joint initiative have agreed an extension of the transition to January 31, 2018 is more realistic to develop a robust procedure.

“This brake trial was only possible because the industry, technical experts, equipment manufacturers, the NHVR and their regulatory partners have worked cooperatively to gain better understanding,” Mr Bruzsa said.

“It’s clear from the cooperation, discussions, and sharing of information and ideas that all parties are committed to ensuring that the final in-service brake test will improve safety and is fair and technically sound.”

For more information visit www.nhvr.gov.au/national-roller-brake-testing-procedure


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