12 Days of NHVR safety

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…

It's December and the festive season is underway. The NHVR has come to the Christmas party offering daily tips over the next 12 days, with advice for motorists and heavy vehicle operators.

The 12 Days of NHVR Safety are a series of tips to help you stay safe on Australia’s roads.

From all the staff at the NHVR, when you are on the roads this Christmas, please drive safely.

Day 12

Stay safe around heavy vehicles.

Day 11

Know your signs of fatigue. Take a break.

Day 10

Drive to the conditions around heavy vehicles.

Day 9

If you're tired, stop and rest.

Day 8

Don't steal the space in front of a heavy vehicle.

Day 7

Drive to the conditions and don't speed.

Day 6

Leave extra space for a heavy vehicle to turn.

Day 5

Do a daily heavy vehicle safety check.

Day 4

Share the road. Allow heavy vehicles the space to operate.

Day 3

Check your load is properly restrained.

Day 2

Distraction kills, be alert around heavy vehicles.

Day 1

Take your time, don't rush for a deadline.

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