Simplified PBS design approval process extended


The NHVR has extended its pre-advised design approvals process to cover 80 per cent of new Performance-Based Standards scheme design approval applications.

NHVR Chief Engineer Les Bruzsa said A-doubles, B-doubles and prime mover semi-trailer combinations would be added to the PBS scheme's simplified pre-advised design approval process.

"Following feedback from the heavy vehicle industry we have simplified and sped up the approval process for a range of common PBS scheme combinations," Mr Bruzsa said.

"In March last year, we started trialling pre-advised approvals for six-axle and seven-axle truck and dog combinations.

"Following the trial the NHVR and PBS Review Panel found the process was robust and reduced design approval processing times by more than three weeks.

"I'm pleased that we are now able to extend the benefits to cover other common PBS combinations and look forward to seeing more high productivity vehicles operating across Australia."

During the trial period, the processing time for applications reduced from an average of 28 days per application to just three business days. This represents a significant red-tape reduction and has efficiency benefits for both the industry and the NHVR.

The PBS scheme, which has been in place across Australia for the past 10 years, provides approval for innovative and optimised vehicle designs of high productivity vehicles.

During 2016-17 the scheme continued to grow with 1416 PBS combinations approved by the NHVR, which was a 23 per cent increase on the previous year. Since being introduced in 2007 the scheme has seen over 6400 innovative combinations enter the heavy vehicle fleet.

From January 29, 2018, the following combination types will be eligible for pre-advised process:
• Level 1 prime mover and tri or quad-axle semitrailer combinations up to 20m long and 50.5t GCM
• Level 1 B-doubles fitted with tandem or tri-axle groups up to 20m long and 50.5t GCM
• Level 2 B-doubles fitted with tandem or tri-axle groups up to 26m long and 68.5t GCM
• Level 2 A-doubles with single, tandem or tri-axle semitrailers and tandem or tri-axle dollies up to 30m long and 85.0t GCM
• Level 3 A-doubles up to 36.5m long and 95.5t GCM.

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