Consultation on rear wheel mods kicks off


The NHVR has opened consultation on a new modification code to fit non-standard rear wheel components on heavy vehicles.

NHVR Vehicle Safety and Performance Manager Peter Austin said the new code (D3) would allow certification of some common modifications to heavy vehicle rear tyres and rims by Approved Vehicle Examiners (AVEs) rather than requiring approval from the NHVR.

“The number of modifications that require NHVR approvals have been increasing since 2014, with rear wheel modifications, such as dual to single conversions and changes of tyre diameter and rim offset, being the most common,” Mr Austin said.

“As common technical requirements have now been developed, it is time to transfer this type of modification to Vehicle Standards Bulletin 6 – Heavy Vehicle Modifications and allow certification by qualified AVEs.

“We’re continuing to look at ways we can cut red tape and improve the efficiency of vehicle modifications.”

The NHVR anticipates this process will halve the number of modification approvals issued in 2018-19.

The new code was developed by the NHVR in consultation with state and Territory governments and AVEs who commonly undertake this modification, but the NHVR is now seeking input from the broader industry.

The draft D3 modification code and required AVE qualification recommendation will be open for feedback until August 25.

You can provide feedback by completing the forms on and submitting it to


Contact: Andrew Berkman | 0429 128 637