NHVR to probe recent prime mover fires


The NHVR has launched an investigation into a spate of recent truck fires.

NHVR’s Safety Standard and Assurance Executive Director Geoff Casey said concerns had been raised with the NHVR regarding several fires emanating in the engine bay of prime movers over the past year.

“There have been a number of high profile incidents recently, including a semi-trailer fire on the Princess Highway, near Wollongong in January,” Mr Casey said.

“Several other incidents have been reported through various sources as well as from Police and state transport agencies.

“Fires are obviously dangerous to heavy vehicle drivers, operators and other motorists, and often lead to major delays on key freight routes.

“While the NHVR has a specific interest in prime mover fires, we are also looking at the issue of truck fires more generally and their increasing prevalence.”

As part of the investigation and research, the NHVR has held initial discussions with operators, vehicle and component manufacturers about the current causes of truck fires.

Mr Casey said the NHVR was also working with police and state agencies to continue to identify common causes of the fires.

“This will enable the NHVR to provide guidance and information to industry as to what measures may best prevent or minimise the likelihood of such incidents,” he said.

Anyone who has information about a truck fire can call the NHVR’s Confidential Reporting Line on 1800 931 785 or email vehiclestandards@nhvr.gov.au

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