Light vehicle drivers targeted by top trucking safety tips


Overtaking, road positioning and stopping distances are some of the key issues addressed in a new series of videos educating light vehicle drivers how to behave around trucks.

NHVR Corporate Affairs Executive Director Joe Fitzgerald said the video series by Whiteline Television was based on key themes highlighted by truck drivers asked to identify the most common safety issues they encountered while working on the road.

“When a light vehicle driver makes a mistake around a heavy vehicle, the consequences can be extremely serious, even fatal,” Mr Fitzgerald said.

“I’m concerned that there is no formal requirement to teach new drivers about sharing the road with heavy vehicles. Nor is it a focus for most driver education programs.

“That’s why this series of short videos is a great quick and easy way of reminding drivers how to share the road safely during the busy Easter holidays.”

The videos were produced by Whiteline Television and funded by the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Commonwealth Government.

Whiteline Television’s Executive Producer Stephen McCarthy said the videos were co-hosted by heavy vehicle safety advocate Rod Hannifey and radio presenter Nicole Rutledge.

“The videos use a combination of on-road scenarios, graphics and animations to explain each tip in a straightforward and down-to-earth way,” Mr McCarthy said.

“They were Rod’s brainchild, leading on from his driver surveys to identify truckies’ top tips.

“It’s also great to have Nicole lending her support, because she’s from a transport family. Her grandfather and father owned their own transport companies, and her father has been inducted into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame.”

The videos will be rolled out daily on social media over the busy Easter holiday period. For more information visit

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