Class 1 Ag Notice starts


A new National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Notice is in place across large parts of regional Australia, removing the need to apply for permits to move many agricultural combinations on public roads.

NHVR Executive Director Freight and Supply Chain Productivity Peter Caprioli said almost two-thirds of local government areas had now agreed to the Notice, which simplified the movement of large agricultural equipment and provided clearer guidelines for primary producers.

“From today, farmers should check the Operator’s Guide and online maps to see whether they still require a permit to move a vehicle, as the Notice has established a network of local, state and territory roads that can be used by heavy agricultural vehicles,” Mr Caprioli said.

“It will bring the number of designated agricultural zones down from 26 to just five, reduce the complexity for cross-border movements and generally improve the efficiency of agricultural operations.

“Some of the key provisions of the new Notice include increased mass and dimension limits, standard operating conditions, and a consistent set of rules across state and territory borders.”

The Notice will apply across designated roads in more than 260 local government areas that signed up during March and April.

Mr Caprioli said the NHVR had also released an Operator’s Guide, outlining the key information required before moving heavy agricultural equipment.

“If your local government area hasn’t yet signed up to the Notice, you can continue under your current arrangements for up to 12 months, unless a Notice expires in the meantime,” he said.

“If you need a permit, applications will now be processed through the NHVR Portal.”

To apply for a permit, visit the NHVR Portal at

For more information on the Notice, the Operator’s Guide or network maps visit

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