NHVR Portal provides standard conditions library


Road managers are bringing additional uniformity and consistency to access permit conditions with which operators are required to comply.

NHVR Access Manager Roger Garcia said the NHVR is currently transitioning all local and state government road managers to utilise the standard conditions library within the NHVR Portal.

“Two-thirds of all road managers are now utilising the full conditions library, with VicRoads being the first road manager to transition,” Roger said.

“We’ve had significant support from road managers with 98 per cent contacted agreeing to immediately transition. The NHVR will continue to work with road managers to transition the remaining 130 to use the standard conditions library.

“Using a standard set saves road managers significant time when applying conditions, as the set can be applied to a decision as a whole.”

With road managers issuing consents via the conditions library, NHVR is also able to use the assisted permitting function. This streamlines the permit process for operators to receive their access permits.



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