Pre-approvals vs Gazettals


Pre-approvals vs Gazettals. What is the different between a pre-approval and gazettal?

What is the different between a pre-approval and gazettal?

It’s a common question from road managers.

Both eliminate the need for consents for agreed routes, allowing road managers to get low-risk applications on their way, so they can focus resources on more complex applications.

A pre-approval is an agreement in place between the NHVR and a road manager to issue permits without individual written consent for each application. The pre-approval must contain the following information:

  • Description of the category of vehicle or combination to which the approval applies, including any applicable mass or dimension limits
  • The route/area in which the specified vehicle is approved to operate
  • Any applicable road/travel conditions that are to be applied
  • The length of time the pre-approval is to be in place and the maximum period for any permits issued under the consent

The roads/routes/areas in the permit application are referenced against the relevant pre-approvals. If they match then the NHVR will issue a permit including any conditions stated in the pre-approval.
The NHVR will continue to advise the road manager of any permits that are issued, to allow them to accurately assess the use of their road network.

A heavy vehicle Gazetted Notice is an exemption, authority or declaration made under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), or previous State or Territory law, that either modifies the legislative requirements for heavy vehicle operation or grants them access under a specified network.

A gazetted network does not require a permit to operate and can be a reference to a stated map or stated list. Road managers can request amending networks specified in a gazettal. The process for updating the maps or lists are entirely managed by the NHVR, once a valid request has been received.

This includes any additional road manager consents for related roads that may be required prior to gazettal.

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