Customers leading NHVR service design


Customers leading NHVR service design

Customers leading NHVR service design

The NHVR is committed to offering more services online, giving industry a single source of business information, streamlining interactions and linking NHVR’s services.

The NHVR is in the process of adding three new modules to the NHVR Portal – Accreditation (NHVAS), Vehicle Standards and Performance Based Standards (PBS).

Milestone completed – Alpha
The NHVR recently completed ‘Alpha’ testing for both Accreditation (NHVAS) and Vehicle Standards. The NHVR collaborated with Customer Reference Groups who provided input into the mock-up designs and gave feedback about the current application processes.

As we enter into ‘Beta’ testing, working closely with our customers and partners continues to lead how we design the new modules.

Milestone started – Beta
‘Beta’ testing, where applications are able to be actually be submitted and processed, is now live and will run until October 2019. Starting with a small group of users, it will gradually rollout to more customers over time.

Changes for existing users
Existing users of the NHVR Portal will have seen some recent changes made to support the addition of these new modules.

Key updates in Release 5.0 included:

  • User (Payments) role changing to User (Submitter).
  • The Export Library moving to be located under ‘Account’.

These changes will give users across all modules in the NHVR Portal a consistent experience, no matter which service they are using.

Future Dates
Open release of Accreditation and Vehicle Standards modules in the NHVR Portal will be available mid-October 2019, and PBS in 2020.

Find out more
The NHVR’s digital team will provide regular updates, so you know what’s changing as we expand the services available in the NHVR Portal.

For information about the recent release, visit the Help Centre or email

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