Changes to SPV access in New South Wales and Tasmania


Changes to SPV Access in New South Wales and Tasmania

Changes for Special Purpose Vehicles in New South Wales and Tasmania will see access simplified and expanded. 

In NSW, the NHVR has worked with industry and RMS to deliver an updated NSW Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle and Combination Operators Guide. The new guide sees the removal of certain travel time restrictions within the conditions of operation for truck based SPVs of 2.5 metres or less.  

This is great news for operators of smaller cranes and concrete pumpers who will have a number of restrictions removed. 

In particular, these vehicles will now be able to operate during clearway and transit lane times as well as peak hour times for truck based SPVs. 

This is a small but important change that will increase productivity, allowing operators greater flexibility in their fleet and certainty around access. 

Meanwhile, in Tasmania a broader range of SPV vehicles will be covered under the Tasmania Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Exemption Notice 2019

This Notice authorises eligible vehicles to operate on routes validated by the Heavy Vehicle Access Management System (HVAMS) in Tasmania. 

This change will improve access for more diverse vehicles, reducing the need for perm it based access. 

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