Interest in EWDs growing


Interest in EWD's growing

The NHVR is currently assessing a number of applications for approval as Electronic Work Diaries.

NHVR Executive Director Safety Standards and Assurance Geoff Casey said the current round of applications were of a varying quality after a number of earlier applications had fallen short of requirements. 

“NHVR officers have recently met with a number of technology providers to ensure they are clear about our requirements for regulatory EWDs and to better facilitate the assessment so they can finalise their applications,” Geoff said.

“Applications range from an app that can be used on a tablet to a hardware solution that is similar to some of the existing non-NHVR approved electronic recording systems currently being used by operators.”

An EWD is an electronic device or system, required to be approved by the NHVR, used to monitor and record the work and rest times of a driver as a voluntary alternative to the written work diary. The EWD Policy Framework and Standards were developed in association with technology providers, transport operators and police and subject to comprehensive review and consultation.  

Geoff said while the NHVR was keen to see the first approved system enter the market it was important to ensure that the system was fit for purpose.

“A number of applications are missing important features, such as the ability to correct errors, that are designed to take pressure off drivers using EWDs,” he said. 

“We will continue to work with technology providers and transport operators to progress their applications.”

There is currently no application fee to apply for approval of an EWD and any approved EWDs will be listed on the NHVR website. 

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