New permit scheme benefits Queensland crane industry

Crane Permit Scheme

A new permit scheme for crane operations began across Queensland in late November as part of the on-going transition of Class 1 permits.

NHVR Program Director Annette Finch said the new Queensland Class 1 Crane Permit Scheme was the result of work undertaken by the NHVR, Local Government Association Queensland and the Crane Industry Council Australia.

“This scheme will increase productivity and reduce the burden for the crane industry operating across Queensland,” Annette said.

“Previously crane operators in Queensland had to apply for individual radius permits, however under the new scheme operators can apply for the pre-approved network and be issued a singular permit for participating local council roads.”

The NHVR has developed a pre-approved network map to assist with operations. This map will advise operators of the pre-approved roads, any restricted structures and will specify any imposed conditions of access.

The new scheme will be published alongside the return of Special Purpose Vehicle delegations in Queensland, including the 3, 4 and 5- axle all terrain mobile cranes as well as crane and dolly configurations.

LGAQ Transport and Logistics Lead Robert Chow said the Scheme was a big win for local government and for industry as it provides crane operators with greater access assurance while protecting vulnerable infrastructure on the local government network. 

“The scheme will remove administrative burden for local government through a reduction in the need for multiple permits,” he said. 

The permit scheme and additional information is available on the NHVR website at

For more information on the Queensland Class 1 Crane Permit Scheme see the NHVR’s Industry Training Video at

The Crane Permit Scheme follows the earlier transition of Class 1 delegations for Agricultural permits from TMR to the NHVR in August.

The NHVR is transitioning the delegations for Class 1 Oversize Overmass permits in Queensland on 16 December 2019.

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