Strategic Local Government Asset Assessment Project

Heavy vehicle and bridge

The NHVR will engage with several local governments during the first half of 2020 on the rollout of the Strategic Asset Assessment project.

NHVR Program Director Annette Finch said the NHVR would speak to council about a list of key assets on regional heavy vehicle freight routes.

“In addition to a list of key freight assets, the program will also provide a standardised heavy vehicle framework for bridge information and assessment on key routes,” Annette said. 

“The initial assessment is underway using AustRoads data, NHVR permit data and assessments feedback received as part of recent notices approvals.

“The heavy vehicle framework will combine existing agency data in a common format, with a series of baseline assessments, and the option to provide more advanced assessment data upon collection. 

“Once we’ve spoken to local governments and conducted the independent assessment, the results will be hosted and shared centrally.”

The NHVR received $8 million of funding in the 2019-20 Federal Budget to undertake a strategic local government bridge and infrastructure program focused on heavy vehicle access.

Assessment of key assets on local and regional freight routes will also assist the Commonwealth and state governments with decision making around infrastructure investment. 

Access decisions will still be the responsibility of relevant Road Authority, Annette said.

“Throught this assessment we will be able to identify bridges and other assets on key freight routes which are in need of improvement or replacement will be a boost for future productivity,” she said. 

“This program ensures council infrastructure funding programs can be directed towards the capital cost of upgrades and replacements, rather than assessments.”

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