National fatigue operation underway

Operation command centre

The NHVR is urging heavy vehicle drivers to take care in the lead up to Christmas while Authorised Officers conduct a multi-agency fatigue compliance operation.

NHVR Chief Operations Officer Paul Salvati said the latest Operation Wake Up, coordinated by the NHVR, was underway across Australia with Authorised Officers checking drivers for compliance with fatigue regulations.

“Making sure that you’re managing your fatigue is one of the most important things you can do as a heavy vehicle operator to keep yourself and other road users safe,” Mr Salvati said. 

“So far we’ve spoken to 2392 drivers and we are taking the opportunity to provide them with information and education.

Mr Salvati said there are also productivity benefits of complying with fatigue guidelines with an average delay for compliant vehicles of 15 minutes, compared to an average delay of 29 minutes for non-compliant vehicles.

The NHVR’s recent Tell a mate campaign is urging drivers to Recognise the signs of fatigue! Take a break and get home safe!

For more information on work and rest hours under the National Heavy Vehicle Law visit

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