Minor law changes coming on February 28

Minor law changes

Minor amendments to the Heavy Vehicle National Law are coming on February 28.

The changes remove inconsistencies between self-clearing defect notices, minor and major defect notices.

These changes will:

  • align the requirement for a driver who is not the vehicle operator to give the defect notice to the operator as soon as practicable, but no more than 14 days, after the notice is issued
  • allow a self-clearing defect notice to specify the date by which the repairs must be carried out
  • provide an option for the operator to request permission to use a heavy vehicle subject to a self-clearing defect notice if the repairs have not been carried out by the required date.
  • Check under Self-clearing defects for more information in the coming days

Changes to the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual include updated requirements for number plate markings for hydrogen and electric powered vehicles and length exemptions for blind spot mirrors.

There have also been amendments to the Heavy Vehicle (Mass, Dimension and Loading) National Regulation to:

  • Include a definition of a specified semitrailer which allows a maximum height of 4.6 metres for a specified semitrailer
  • Provide general road access to a combination that includes a specified semitrailer.
  • Click here for more information on the changes

Infringements of $1121 for Severe risk breaches of standard and BFM hour fatigue requirements have been added to the NHVR Schedule of Penalties and Infringements 2019-20.

This is an alternative, as previously Severe breaches were only able to be prosecuted in court.

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