Digital products and data platforms are modernising heavy vehicle safety and productivity

Technology modernising heavy vehicle safety

Technology is allowing the NHVR to modernise the way heavy vehicle safety and productivity services are delivered.

Using the mixture of data and digital platforms, the NHVR is continuing to explore new ways to make it easier to do business for one of the most important industries in Australia.

The most recent leap forward came when the NHVR started integrating heavy vehicle data and information into a secure national database known as the Safety and Compliance Regulatory Platform.

NHVR Solutions Director David Carlisle said this new data platform, along with the NHVR Portal, was delivering vastly improved digital capability and information that would greatly benefit heavy vehicle operations.

“We want to use evidence and insights to be a smarter, more effective regulator,” David said.

“This means compliant operators and drivers will be intercepted less frequently and can get on with earning a dollar.

“It’s an important step forward in delivering a highly productive but safer heavy vehicle industry.

“Put simply, it is allowing us to better target those doing the wrong thing and relieve the burden on those who consistently demonstrate they are doing the right thing.

“The role of technology has been crucial in supporting how we conduct and transform our business.”

The Regulatory Platform was launched last year. It follows the introduction of the NHVR Portal, launched over 3 years ago, which supports many of the businesses transactions between the NHVR and operators.

“We have brought vehicle standards, access permits, accreditation and registration services, and even road manager services, into one easy-to-manage digital platform. We’re on track to add the Performance Based Standards service over the 12 months.

“Importantly, the Portal integrates with the Safety and Compliance Regulatory Platform, enabling important information to be accessed any time of the day or night.

“Operators can view their fleet’s registration information, along with their access permits or accreditation details all in the same Portal platform experience.

“We’re driven to use technology to find ways to maximise the information to boost safety, promote productivity and encourage more sustainable practices, and ultimately benefit everyone on our roads.”

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