Update on cross-border travel

Queensland Border

Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland and Tasmania have border restrictions in place. There are currently no restrictions in place for travel between Victoria, NSW and the ACT.

Despite these restrictions, all freight movements are continuing. It’s business as usual.

However we ask that you keep abreast of information provided by State, Territory and Federal Government agencies.

Additional information is available at:

Entry forms are required for travel into the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia.

  • Anyone entering NT is required to fill out an NT Arrival Form.
  • Anyone entering WA is required to fill out a WA Government Border Arrivals Form.
  • All interstate and international visitors to Tasmania must complete a Tasmanian Arrivals Form.

Queensland Police have confirmed that freight vehicles will be let through without paperwork.

In South Australia, transport and freight services are considered ‘essential’, however your details may be recorded at a border checking point. 

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