Now more than ever our focus needs to be on improving road safety behaviour


National Transport Insurance (NTI) has today released their 2020 Major Accident Investigation Report produced by the NTI National Truck Accident Research Centre.

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto welcomed the move by NTI to produce and release the NTARC report annually.

“Safety information is critically important to the work the NHVR does and the NTARTC report allows us to access major accident data relating to heavy vehicles in a more effective and timely manner,” Mr Petroccitto said.

“This year’s report has identified an increase in the number of heavy vehicle driver fatalities, bucking the trend from previous years.

“In particular, the report findings show fatigue and distraction were a major cause of single heavy vehicle crashes.

“This finding highlights the importance of the work the NHVR is leading to pursue recognition of fatigue and distraction detection technology, which has the potential to be a positive safety game changer in helping to get ahead of these incidents before they occur.

“Also concerning is the continual increase in serious crashes involving heavy vehicles caused by light vehicles and we want all motorists to remember that Trucks Need Space to Keep You Safe.

“It’s important everyone involved in the heavy vehicle industry continues to maintain a strong focus on heavy vehicle safety, we want to see a reduction in heavy vehicle fatalities across the board.”

The report is available at

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