Hunter Region notice to slash permit numbers


A new network has been established to support the movement of oversize over mass (OSOM) mining equipment across the Hunter Valley.

NHVR Freight and Supply Chain Productivity Executive Director Peter Caprioli said the New South Wales Class 1 Load Carrying Combination (Hunter Region) Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice would reduce red tape and provide certainty for the local mining and freight industry.

“We’ve worked with industry to identify significant productivity benefits by establishing a dedicated network for OSOM freight moving between the mines, industrial repair facilities and the port,” Mr Caprioli said.

“Importantly, we’ve also been able to reach agreement between the industry and many of the region’s road managers to ensure freight can be moved safely and there‘s infrastructure in place to support the movements.”

The Notice is the largest mass and dimension notice in the country, covering vehicles up to 184.5 tonnes for a combination up to 39.9 metres long, 5.9 metres wide and 5.2 metres high, travelling across the local government areas of Newcastle, Port Stephens, Singleton, Maitland, Upper Hunter and Warrumbungle.

Bower’s Heavy Haulage Project Manager Tony Passfield said the new Notice would lead to an improved and efficient permit system.

“This enables Bower’s to transport a vast amount of versatile OSOM loads under the guidelines in the notice and will assist in moving our freight in a more timely manner by eliminating the waiting time which often caused frustration for our customers,” Mr Passfield said.

“It has also significantly reduced the amount of permits and enables us to provide a service in a more efficient professional manner in which we continually strive to achieve for our business and customers. 

Mr Caprioli said that the NHVR and Transport for NSW (TFNSW) will continue working closely with other councils across the region to expand access under the Notice.

“While permits are still required through some local government areas, this Notice is an important first step, covering a significant part of the Hunter Region,” he said.

“Vehicles can use designated roads, whereas previously they may have had to apply for a permit. We’ve also made a number of other important changes, including increasing steer axle masses from 6.5 tonnes to 7.0 tonnes and ensuring consistent curfews.”

The NHVR completed the transition of all OSOM permits in New South Wales from TfNSW to the NHVR Portal last month.

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