NHVR Facebook post spreads safety message to millions

Excavator with unsafe straps



A safety blunder detected by NHVR officers in Victoria has become a social media sensation.

More than two million people have viewed the NHVR’s Facebook post on the inadequate load restraint that was used to transport an excavator weighing more than 20 tonnes.

The excavator had been ‘secured’ by just four straps, when it should have been directly chained to the trailer.

The NHVR’s Facebook post has so far generated more than 11,000 comments from truckies and transport workers who were stunned by the rookie safety error – as well as a few from drivers who mistakenly thought four straps was enough to secure the excavator.

NHVR SEO Sal Petroccitto said the post demonstrated how social media can be a powerful road safety education tool.

“Lots of people found this post amusing, but it had a serious purpose,” Mr Petroccitto said.

“The NHVR’s social media channels allow us to highlight the safety risks our staff regularly encounter.

“The online conversation between transport workers and the NHVR allowed us to explain how this load should have been restrained and what the consequences could have been.

“I’d like to thank our Safety and Compliance Officers and wider team for getting that message into the Facebook feeds of millions of people – helping to make our roads safer for everyone.”

You can view the Facebook post here

Excavator with unsafe straps

Excavator with unsafe straps

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