Class 3 Livestock Vehicle Permits


Farmers are starting to reap the benefits of the removal of the requirement for Class 3 livestock mass exemption permits to include registration numbers, which took effect in December last year.

NHVR Network Access Policy Manager Jose Arredondo said, while transporters, operators or farmers could apply for a permit, farmers who have Class 3 permits often use a third-party operator to carry their livestock.

“Under recent changes, farmers applying for a Class 3 livestock mass exemption permits for a third- party operator now only need to include the type of vehicle, not the specific registration,” Mr Arredondo said.

“As long as the configuration is correct and the conditions of the permit are met, it doesn’t matter which trailer is used.

“So, if the intended trailer is unavailable for some reason, it can be swapped with another one, reducing delays to the transport task, and enabling livestock to be moved in a safe, timely manner.

“This enables farmers to better respond to the highly dynamic livestock market, as decisions to buy or sell livestock can be made at short notice to take advantage of favourable market conditions.”

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