Special Purpose Vehicle access in Brisbane tunnels – derestriction update


The NHVR, Transport and Main Roads, Transurban and Brisbane City Council, in conjunction with the Crane Industry Council of Australia, Concrete Pumping Association of Australia and Australian Drilling Industry Association, have reviewed access restrictions for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) in South East Queensland.

Under the renewed National Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle Notice 2021 released on 5 May, SPVs can now access the Clem 7, Airport Link and Legacy Way tunnels as part of the approved network, provided they meet all the requirements of the Notice and specified dimension limits.

The Queensland Access Conditions Guide has been updated to include the access conditions contained in the Queensland Schedule of the Notice.

Dimension limits for SPVs in approved tunnels

SPVs travelling in approved tunnels must not exceed:

  • 2.9m wide
  • 14.5m long
  • 4.6m high.

Conditions for articulated steering crane travel in tunnels

When travelling in an approved tunnel with a forward projection (such as a boom) exceeding 3.5m, a tether must be fitted that meets all the following requirements:

  • be yellow and red in colour
  • be manufactured to a standard outlined in AS 4497-1997
  • be fitted from either of the travelling lugs of the boom to a lug at the front of the crane carrier as per the CICA QLD Tether Fitting Instructions Information Sheet.
  • must not obscure the visibility of the mobile crane’s number plate. 


Travel is not permitted on the South-East Freeway. Southbound travel through the Clem 7 tunnel must use the Ipswich Road exit only.

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