NHVR urges safety on Adelaide's SE Freeway


The NHVR has urged heavy vehicle drivers to take extra care when using Adelaide’s South Eastern Freeway ahead of tomorrow’s Fatality Free Friday.

NHVR Chief Operations Officer Paul Salvati said the NHVR had investigated operators involved in two incidents on the downhill stretch of road over the past week.

“This stretch of road includes a long descent into Adelaide where heavy vehicle drivers need to be mindful of their own road safety and that of others particularly when carrying heavy loads,” Mr Salvati said.

“It’s a timely reminder for those who use this road regularly to take care and reinforce the Fatality Free Friday message – always be fit to drive, stay focused on the road, scan the road ahead, keep a safe distance and drive to suit the conditions.

“If heavy vehicle drivers are unfamiliar with this stretch of road, we recommend they take the time to drive it in a light vehicle beforehand or check out one of the video or simulator resources available.”

South Australian road laws require drivers on this stretch of freeway to use a gear that is low enough to enable the vehicle to be driven safely without the use of a primary brake and not drive at a speed in excess of the relevant speed limit.

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