Enforceable undertaking accepted following severe mass limit breach


The NHVR has accepted an enforceable undertaking (EU) from Zezt Pty Ltd (Zezt) that will see the company spend $23,430 towards Chain of Responsibility (CoR) and mass requirements training.

An investigation by NHVR’s Safety and Compliance Officers found that on 1 July 2020 Zezt failed to comply with the mass requirements as required by s 96(1)(c) of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

It is alleged the steer axle of a heavy vehicle operated by Zezt weighed 7,920kg –over the allowed limit of 6,500kg.

NHVR Director of Prosecutions Belinda Hughes said this EU should act as a reminder for companies to know their CoR compliance requirements across all levels of the supply chain.

“Zezt’s mass breach was of the highest risk category. Fortunately, in this instance it did not manifest into an immediate public safety, environment or infrastructure risk,” Mrs Hughes said.

“We expect this Enforceable Undertaking will deliver lasting safety and operational benefits for Zezt’s drivers, other parties in the chain of responsibility, and the broader community.”

“Further education, processes and training is needed across the industry to tackle overmass in heavy vehicles, which continues to pose a significant safety risk,”

Under the EU, the Tasmania and Victorian based company must implement CoR compliance and training, safety management system audits, toolbox meetings and access to mass load and HVNL breach learning materials.

For more information on mass, dimension and loading and the risks and penalties, visit www.nhvr.gov.au/mdl

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