Intelligent Access Program (IAP)

What is the Intelligent Access Program?

The Intelligent Access Program (IAP) is a national program developed in partnership with all Australian road agencies. It uses satellite tracking and wireless communication technology to remotely monitor where, when, and how heavy vehicles are being operated on the road network. It provides an opportunity for transport operators to achieve productivity gains, better turnaround times and increased profits by allowing more access or increasing allowable mass in exchange for compliance.

Under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), IAP can be imposed as a condition of a permit or notice by a road manager. The way in which IAP is applied, or the sort of IAP applications that are made available to transport operators, may differ between states and territories. State and territory road transport authorities deliver all IAP services under the delegation of the NHVR. Meaning operators enrol in the IAP through the state they are travelling in.

For more information please read the Intelligent Access Program (IAP) information sheet (PDF, 117KB).

Operating at Higher Mass Limits

Enrolment in the IAP is a road condition for Higher Mass Limits (HML) vehicles operating in New South Wales and Queensland.

The IAP Higher Mass Limits Scheme in South Australia has been discontinued. All operators (including those registered interstate) can now have access to the HML networks in South Australia without the requirement to either complete a HML route compliance certificate or enroll in the IAP. As such, operators are no longer required to comply with the conditions in the following notices that relate to operating under the IAP or the completion of the HML route compliance certificate:

  • Higher Mass Limits for Vehicles Fitted with Road Friendly Suspension
  • Operation of B-Double Vehicles up to 25m in Length
  • Operation of Road Train Vehicles in South Australia.

For more information visit the Government of South Australia website at

Other IAP applications

IAP can be applied as a condition for a number of different vehicle types, for example IAP is a condition for certain cranes and special purpose vehicles operating in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Operators should check with the relevant state or territory road transport authority to find out whether IAP may be a condition for their desired operations.  

Permits that require IAP

  • Permit renewals - Operators renewing permits that require IAP must apply for their permit through the NHVR. If you need to renew your Intelligent Access Condition (IAC), you will need to renew through the relevant state or territory road transport authority. To ensure a seamless transition, it is recommended that you apply for for the renewal permit as early as possible (up to 6 weeks).
  • New permits/vehicles requiring IAP operating under an existing scheme - When IAP is imposed as a condition of access, if the NHVR is aware that the policy is to apply IAP it will notify you that IAP is required. If you wish to continue with your permit application, you will  be responsible for enrolling through the relevant state or territory road transport authority. You will also be responsible for contacting a certified IAP service provider and organising installation of certified tracking system.
  • New permit/new scheme requiring IAP - If a road manager receives an application for a new vehicle and imposes IAP as a condition, the NHVR will notify you of this condition. You can then choose if you wish to proceed with the application. If so, you will need to contact the relevant IAP team within the relevant state or territory road transport authority and follow the same process as new vehicles requiring IAP operating under an existing scheme.
  • Cancelling IAP enrolment - If you choose to stop participation in IAP, you will need to contact the IAP team in the relevant state or territory road transport authority. You will also need to cancel any permits that require IAP as a condition. It is an offence to operate a vehicle that cannot comply with a condition of the permit.

IAP service providers

Only service providers certified by Transport Certification Australia are able to provide the Intelligent Transport System required for the IAP. IAP service providers are easy to recognise as they are the only suppliers permitted to display the TCA Certified for IAP symbol.

For further information and a list of IAP service providers visit the Transport Certification Australia website at