Class 1

Class 1 Special Purpose Vehicle SPV Truck Mounted Crane

Special purpose vehicles

A special purpose vehicle is a motor vehicle or trailer, other than an agricultural vehicle or a tow truck, built for a purpose other than carrying goods, or a concrete pump or fire truck (both of which carry water). Examples of a special purpose vehicle include a mobile crane, a concrete pump, drill rig or fire truck. Special purpose vehicles are considered class 1 heavy vehicles when they do not comply with a prescribed mass or dimension requirement applying to it.

Agricultural vehicles, implements and trailers

An agricultural vehicle is considered a class 1 restricted access heavy vehicle if it, together with its load, does not comply with a prescribed mass or dimension requirement. Examples of an agricultural vehicle include harvesters and tractors. Any agricultural trailer is considered a class 1 heavy vehicle, for example augers, comb trailers and conveyors.

Oversize Overmass (OSOM) vehicles

An Oversize Overmass vehicle is a heavy vehicle or combination which alone, or together with its load, exceeds prescribed mass or dimension requirements, and is a heavy vehicle carrying, or designed for the purpose of carrying, a large indivisible item. Examples include a prime mover and extendable trailer or a prime mover and low loader combination. This does not include road trains, B-doubles or vehicles carrying a freight container designed for multi-modal transport.

In some instances OSOM vehicles may require warning devices such as lights, flags, delineators or signs to operate on the road network. If operating under a transition notice or a permit, these requirements will be specified in detail.