Approval process

1. Investigate your options

  • Consult with a PBS Assessor about your vehicle concept.
  • Investigate road networks the vehicle will be able to access.
  • Use the NHVR Route Planner to view existing PBS networks. Note that local council roads may not have been assessed for PBS vehicles.
  • Consider if the vehicle could be operated under an existing notice.
  • Note that vehicles requiring an individual bridge (Tier 3) or route assessment may attract significant charges and may take an extended period of time to be completed.

2. Vehicle assessment

  • Engage a PBS Assessor to analyse the vehicle design to the PBS standards. Fees will apply.
  • Assessor will submit an application to the Regulator for a Design Approval.

3. Design Approval

  • The Regulator processes the Design Approval application and sends the application to the PBS Review Panel (PRP) for advice.
  • The PRP consists of representatives from each jurisdiction.
  • The PRP reviews the application and provides advice back to the Regulator.
  • If approved, the Regulator issues a Design Approval.

4. Source the combination and certify

  • Build/buy the vehicle combination in accordance with the Design Approval specification.
  • Engage a PBS Certifier to inspect the vehicle. Fees will apply.
  • The Certifier will forward the inspection report to the Regulator if the vehicle meets the Design Approval specification.

5. Vehicle Approval

  • The Regulator reviews the inspection report and, provided the vehicle complies with the Design Approval, issues a Vehicle Approval.
  • The Vehicle Approval will show the VINs of the vehicles approved and operating conditions.

6. Apply for Access permit

  • Note that road managers may restrict axle masses and/or stipulate additional operating conditions to suit particular roads or bridges.
  • Unless the PBS vehicle can operate under an existing notice, it will require an access permit for the operation on the road.
  • Apply for a Performance-Based Standards vehicle access permit.

This information can also be downloaded as the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approval process - Information sheet (PDF, 114KB).