CoR Gap Assessment Tool

The CoR Gap Assessment Tool can assist parties in the supply chain to identify, assess and manage risks and obligations within the supply chain. Through a series of practical questions, the tool enables you to examine your business practices and system controls against known risks and recognised best practice.

The tool will help you determine your roles within the Chain of Responsibility and enable you to actively identify compliance and safety gaps, either across the entire supply chain or specifically by job role. The tool provides a dashboard to save reports, and generates recommendations as a PDF checklist based on the questions you answered. The assessment will take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete depending on your responses. Every person or company who is a party in the supply chain can benefit from the review of their business using the guided questions in the CoR Gap Assessment Tool.

Once you have completed the tool, please take time to go through our CoR Quick Briefs and review the material in Safety Management Systems on how you can manage your safety gaps.

Using the CoR Gap Assessment Tool

  • Click the 'Start CoR Gap Assessment Tool' button
  • Select to start a new assessment or resume one of your saved assessments
  • Choose your role in the chain, or get help if you’re not sure
  • Select your heavy vehicle type to continue assessment
  • Answer a few basic questions about your existing systems
  • Save, download or print recommendations from your dashboard
  • Share the checklists with the responsible parties in the CoR

How to use the CoR gap assessment tool