Buying or selling a vehicle in NHVAS

From one scheme member to another scheme member

  • A vehicle being delisted from a current maintenance management accreditation may be nominated to a different maintenance management scheme member’s fleet without the need for vehicle inspection documentation being supplied.
  • The disposer must submit an Add/delete/amend vehicles (PDF, 395KB) to ensure the vehicles are deleted from their fleet listing.
  • The acquirer then must submit a separate Add/delete/amend vehicles (PDF, 395KB) to add the vehicles to their fleet listing.

Note: For vehicles moving between accredited operators please contact the NHVR for specific requirements. The movement must be completed within 14 days after being removed.

Maintenance module scheme member to non-member

  • A vehicle that is currently nominated in the maintenance management module that is disposed of to a non-member of the maintenance management module may require the disposer to obtain a vehicle inspection.
  • You must ensure you meet your state road transport authority’s requirements with regard to vehicle inspection or Certificate of Inspection requirement before you can use any of the vehicles on a road.
  • The disposer must submit an Add/delete/amend vehicles (PDF, 395KB) to ensure the vehicle is deleted from their fleet listing.

Note: It is an offence to falsely claim accreditation through use of a label or any other means. Anyone who does so may be subject to a financial penalty in addition to other sanctions.