Eligibility requirements

The NHVAS Business Rules and Standards (PDF, 350KB) and Advanced Fatigue Management Business Rules (PDF, 454KB) outline the requirements for entry to and participation in the NHVAS.

To be eligible, operators must: 

  • develop and maintain a compliant quality management system which meets the relevant standards
  • document the procedures that staff must follow in the management system to achieve compliance
  • produce (and keep for audit) documents and other evidence that prove compliance with the standards and law
  • undergo an independent audit by an NHVAS Approved Auditor prior to establishing accreditation.


To be eligible for accreditation under NHVAS, operators must agree to abide by the NHVAS Standards and Business Rules and Advanced Fatigue Management Business Rules and provide documentary and audit evidence that they comply with the following relevant NHVAS standards:

When an operator has developed and implemented the compliance management system, they will undergo an entry audit before applying for accreditation. If successful, the operator can apply to be accredited in the NHVAS.

History of transport compliance checks

Entry to the NHVAS is voluntary and open to operators who can demonstrate a record of compliance with heavy vehicle regulation and standards. You must provide a five-year compliance history declaration. The declaration must not be made until all reasonable steps to find out the relevant information have been taken.

Additional requirements for fatigue management

It is a requirement of both the Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) and Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) that: