Vehicle Safety and Environmental Technology Uptake Plan

As heavy vehicle designs evolve, the inclusion of new technology is playing a growing role in improving safety, productivity and efficiency in the industry.

Many new vehicles include technologies that help drivers to safely operate their vehicle, reduce the number of movements required to complete a freight task, and minimise carbon emissions and road infrastructure impacts for the community.

While the available technologies have progressively increased over recent years, the adoption of these technologies into the heavy vehicle fleet remains slow.

Vehicle SETUP

The NHVR’s Vehicle Safety and Environmental Uptake Plan (Vehicle SETUP) outlines a program of work we will undertake to accelerate the introduction of new safety and environmental technologies into the Australian heavy vehicle market.

The plan contains five work packages that aim to encourage operators to incorporate newer, more technologically advanced vehicles into their fleets by:

  • removing regulatory barriers that limit the adoption of advanced technologies
  • offering productivity gains as an incentive for the adoption of advanced technologies
  • providing education to industry on the safety, productivity and environmental benefits of new vehicle technology.

It will be delivered in consultation with government and industry, and will contribute to the delivery of the National Road Safety Action Plan 2018-2020.