Heavy Vehicle Productivity Plan 2020–2025 consultation

This consultation has closed. The NHVR would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback. 

Key document


This intent will be achieved through the Plan’s three objectives.

  1. Provide access certainty and consistency
  2. Partner with local government to build capability
  3. Promote safer and more productive vehicles that are better for the environment and communities.

Each objective contains goals that are key elements to delivering on the intent of the Plan. The goals outline how the NHVR will enhance existing and implement new programs and initiatives.


While it is not intended to encompass the NHVR’s full future work program, the Plan articulates actions within each goal that will be undertaken over a five-year period to improve access and productivity. A consolidated list of actions, ordered by short-, medium- and longer-term deliverables, is located in the Plan.

The support of the Commonwealth, state, territory and local governments and industry will be vital to delivering the Plan, and the NHVR will partner with relevant stakeholders where required.


The Plan was developed in extensive consultation with governments and industry.

It was also informed by the Commonwealth Government’s National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy, Review of Oversize Overmass Access Arrangements (OSOM Review), state and territory government freight plans and strategies, and work by the National Transport Commission and Austroads.

This ensure the Plan aligns with and complements the heavy vehicle and road freight objectives identified by our government partners, inclusive of how we intend to implement aspects of agreed recommendations where the NHVR is a relevant and suitably responsible party.