Return of Class SPV Vehicle Delegation in NSW


Return of Class SPV Vehicle Delegation in NSW

Return of Class SPV Vehicle Delegation in NSW

The NHVR is currently working with road managers in New South Wales on the Return of Delegations for Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).

SPVs include various types of cranes, concrete pumpers and drill rigs amongst others.

NHVR Program Director, Annette Finch said the NHVR had separated the processing of SPVs delegations from other Class 1 Vehicles in NSW to simplify the transition and minimise impacts on both industry and Road Managers. 

“Once the transition occurs transport operators will submit all Class 1 SPV road access permits to the NHVR via the NHVR Portal, centralising and simplifying the process,” Annette said.

“The NHVR will then process the applications, and seek consent from Road Managers using the NHVR Portal. Once a decision is received from Road Managers, the NHVR will then issue the permit or refusal to the operator using the NHVR Portal”.

“Class 1 SPV permit applications submitted directly to Road Managers within NSW, prior to the transition will continue to be processed and completed directly”.

The NHVR will advise all operators and road managers of the transition date in July 2019.

Associations such as the Crane Industry Council of Australia, the Concrete Pumping Association of Australia and the Australian Drilling Industry Association are all preparing their members for the new process that will come with the changes.

Initial reports indicate that the number of permits that require assessment from road managers may increase if the road managers are not already participating in the SPV Notices program.

For more information on the Return of Delegations Project including the SPV Notices Program, please contact Annette Finch on 07 3309 8615 or email or visit

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