NHVR Portal Registration Services module

From 1 October 2018, heavy vehicle operators can use the new Registration Services module on the NHVR Portal to access details of the vehicles in their registered fleet (except those registered in the Northern Territory).

This free service will enable operators to:

  • confirm that details recorded by transport authorities align with their own records
  • check registration changes and transfers have been processed correctly
  • forecast registration renewals and costs
  • download or print vehicle records to provide to other parties in the supply chain.

The Registration Services module can be accessed through an existing portal account or you can create a new account.

NHVR Portal

Please note that changes to registration information cannot be made through the NHVR Portal. All queries and requests for amendments to registration details should be directed to the relevant state or territory transport authority.

Training videos

User registration

NHVR Portal account creation and linking

Linking registration accounts

Service permissions

Certificate of Registration Holdings